Hudson Allergy


Restaurant Food Safety Course

Food Allergies are becoming more widely recognized in our society and restaurants need to take notice.  State governments of Massachusetts and Rhode Island have recently introduced Food Allergy Bills, and New York will likely soon follow suit. Does your restaurant know the basics of food allergy safety and how to safely serve customers with food allergies? Do you have an in case of emergency action plan in place in case something goes wrong?

Hudson Allergy offers a Food Allergy Safety Course to educate restaurant employees, from manager to busser, on how to safely cook and serve food to people with food allergies. The overall goal of this food allergy safety course is to help restaurants understand the severity of allergies, minimize restaurant risk by having a protocol in place when a customer comes in and has food allergies, outline an action plan in case of emergency, and being able to successfully serve patrons with food allergies.

This food allergy safety course can save a life and your business.  The hour-long curriculum includes:

Overview on food allergies:

  • What is a food allergy
  • Stats and facts: prevalence, age distribution, recommended doctor visits
  • Food allergy Vs. Food Intolerance
  • Food Allergy Vs. Food Poisoning
  • Celiac Disease and Gluten Allergies
  • Who is at risk for food allergies

Risk Management

  • What customers with food allergies want from their restaurant staff
  • Specific responsibilities of host, waiters/waitress, food servers, cooks, bussers
  • How to reflect your awareness of food allergies in your marketing and on your website
  • How to refresh current staff and bring new staff up to speed
  • What to do if an allergic reaction occurs
  • How, where and when to use an Epi Pen

Front of House Preparation:

  • Protocol for how to handle the order of a customer with a food allergy
  • How to set a point person (manager) to deal with food allergy customers
  • Written procedures for management and prevention of food reactions
  • How to communicate with customers who have food allergies
  • How to handle food allergy questions by phone
  • How to handle food allergy customer complaints

 Back of House Preparation:

  • How to make your menu “easy to read” for customers with food allergies
  • Correcting mistakes in meal preparation
  • How to avoid cross contamination with foods

Food allergy safety courses can take place on location at your restaurant, or at the Hudson Allergy office in Tribeca. Group sizes can range from 4-20 staff members. Please call for availability and pricing.